Get Involved!

There are many ways for you to celebrate the Central Coast Food Experience with the Co-op.

Become a Member-Owner of the Co-op

The best way to be involved in the co-op is to own it.  If you support local businesses, believe in sustainable business practices, agree with fair labor treatment, and love to cook and eat local food, we encourage you to join the co-op.  Member-ownership allows you to take an active role in shaping the co-op as a business and community resource, and member-owners may be eligible for rebates and special use of facilities.  Go here to find out more and sign up: Become a Member-Owner

Pledge to Become a Member-Owner

Not ready to become a member-owner at this stage in our development?  No problem!  You can pay $50 now towards your equity investment, with the intent to pay the rest later.  Once we reach 200 pledges, we’ll ask all 200 of you to contribute the rest of your investment at the same time.  We may throw a party, too.  Find out more and take the pledge here: Take the Pledge


If you’re already a member-owner or don’t live in Paso Robles, donating is a great way to help out.  More information on how to donate here: Donate to the Co-op

Volunteer Your Skills or Services

We are always looking for enthusiastic, talented individuals who want to put their time and abilities into developing the Co-op as a community asset.  Fill out this form to get started:  Join our Steering Committee or become a Volunteer

Write a Letter of Support

Letters of support require only that you sign a paper to show you love what we’re doing!  These letters are invaluable to us in applying for grants.  Go here for more info and a template: Send a Letter of Support

Tell Your Friends About the Co-op

Do you have friends or neighbors who might be interested in getting involved?  Tell them to check out our website and get in touch.  Also Like us on Facebook (Click Here to go to our Facebook Page) and Share this page with your friends.

Shop at the Co-op

Once our doors are open, you don’t have to be a member-owner to shop at the store.  Our doors will be open to everyone.  With so much Central Coast goodness to showcase, it just wouldn’t be right to keep it private!